Our Story

Brick.Co was developed in the heart of Manchester, by ordinary people. An homage to the red brick architecture that is evident in every corner of this amazing city.

What started out as a personal project; the renovation design of our home in Stretford, Manchester, soon evolved into the Brick.Co business. We wanted our values to define our living space, celebrate our northern heritage and reflect who we are as a family. 

The red bricks warm, rich and solid presence wraps its arms around our home and reflects our northern roots. We chose to engrave the ‘Manchester Bee’ into some bricks that would nestle in the walls of our home, placed at random, but just enough to notice and catch the eye.

[2020] COVID-19 pandemic began, our day to day jobs stopped, Brick.Co was born. In true northern spirit, we cracked on and decided we would share our bricks with you.

We support the amazing ‘WeLoveMCR’ charity and every brick sold creates a donation of £2 to a local charity and supports local business.

Registered Charity Number: 1066972.

Our Brick.Co business is operated by a ‘proper’ family team and we are keen to support other small local businesses, charity and community, whilst we build our business.

We really do believe ‘we are stronger together’.